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Wednesday 24 April, 8:30am – 10:00am • Mott MacDonald, 10 Fleet Place


This 'Digital Debate' is for everyone to encourage the conversation, demystify the hot topic areas of Digital and investigate how they influence our day to day lives. Our focus? Tech and the City: The incorporation of technology into common systems in cities and the resulting impact.

We’ll cover three key questions, including:

  1. AI and Social Equity: As AI technologies become more embedded in city infrastructure, how can we ensure that they promote social equity rather than exacerbate existing inequalities

    2. Technology and transport: How can modern technology improve transport in large cities?

    3. AI and Employment: How can cities prepare for the potential economic impact of AI integration?

About the Panelists:

Nigel Goddard and Celine Zins, Mott MacDonald

Nigel is a Digital and Data Consultant with extensive experience delivering projects, digital solutions, and strategies for over 200 companies. Celine is a Digital Analyst with a background in economics and international development, and research and advisory experience specialising in digital transformation, innovation, and change management in the infrastructure industry. She places stakeholder engagement at the heart of her approach, believing this is the best way to consistently create value for end-users and society.

Paul Campion, CEO TRL

Paul Campion has been the CEO of TRL since July 2019. TRL is a world-renowned research, consultancy and software company, and owns the Smart Mobility Living Lab in London, a unique test and development centre based on public roads in a mega-city. TRL started life as the UK Government’s Transport Research Laboratory and has been working to make transport safer, cleaner, more efficient and more accessible for everyone for 90 years.

This Business Breakfast Club is part of a series of monthly talks delivered by Fleet Street Quarter, in partnership with Mott MacDonald.

PLEASE NOTE: Breakfast will be provided at this talk, if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies please contact Fleet Street Quarter via Eventbrite after booking your ticket.

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