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5 – 30 AUGUST



Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Olympics this summer by embracing the renowned French pastime of Urban Bocce in the vibrant ambience of New Street Square. What better way to honour the games in France than by bringing a touch of their culture to life amidst the bustling historic charm of London's Fleet Street Quarter?


New Street Square, EC4


5 August – 30 August


Points are scored after all balls have been thrown. The team with a ball closest to the pallino is the only team scoring in that frame. The scoring team receives one point for each of their balls that are closer to the pallino than the other team’s closest ball. A ball that is touching the pallino ("kissing") is counted as two points.

The team that scores, controls the pallino to begin the next frame. They get to throw the pallino, followed by the first bocce ball. The first team to reach 11 points--and win by 2 points--wins that game.

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