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IWD 2023


For International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month 2023 we announced our campaign to celebrate the Wonder Women of the Fleet Street Quarter area. We asked people to nominate an innovative, inspirational colleague, friend, or family member who works or lives in FSQ to be featured and celebrated for their contribution to our community.

Below are a list of the nominated Wonder Women of Fleet Street Quarter, sent in by other members of the community, friends and family along with some quotes from the nominations. Thank you to everyone that took part.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity. We can all challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to bias, and seek out inclusion. Forging gender equity isn’t limited to women solely fighting the good fight. Allies are incredibly important for the social, economic, cultural, and political advancement of women.

Sona Kalendrian: Manager, Shoe Lane Library

“Sona has diligently served the community in the Fleet Street Quarter area through her work in the Library since 2000. Shoe Lane Library provides an amazing range of wonderful much needed services to the local community and workers in the area.”

“Sona is kind and caring and just one example illustrates this, one elderly resident named Maureen, who sadly died recently had been housebound for several years as she was very frail, but she was mentally sharp and an avid reader. Sona personally ensured that she was fully supported by the book home delivery service and kept an eye on her to make sure she was okay.”

Ella Adamo: Head of Programme for Rail Control, Hitachi Rail

“Ella is a great inspiration, she leads our group of engineering and project professionals with the utmost level of sincerity and care while successfully delivering a multimillion pound portfolio of work. Our industry is traditionally male dominated especially at a leadership level where Ella sits.

She always looks to push the boundaries of what is possible and break down gender stereotypes in the process. Ella is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and she has made it her mission to create a supportive and empowering environment for all in rail no matter what their background or characteristics.”

Sarah Mullally: 133rd Bishop of London

“Sarah lives and works in the Fleet Street Quarter area. She is the thirst most senior Bishop, and the most senior woman in the Church of England (CoE), Dean of the CoE Southern Province, Dean of the Chapels Royal, member of the Privy Council and a mother.

Before ordination, Sarah was Chief Nursing Officer in the Department of Health. She is a national leader of significant standing and a shining example and role model for women in leadership.”

Claire McAlistair: Constuction Manager, Mace

“Every day we draw inspiration from the energy and enthusiasm Claire brings to her role. In what is already a long hour industry, Claire arrives at 06:45 with a huge smile on her face in anticipation of the day ahead.

When Claire plans the works productively and perfectly it is the most sustainable way of constructing, preventing reworks or needless waste. Claire will be working on Fleet Street throughout 2023 and most of 2024 inspiring more Wonder Woman to be part of the new construction inclusive diverse delivery teams.”

Catherine McGuinness: Chair of the Policy & Resources Committee (2017-2022)

“Despite her low profile, Catherine is one of the most impactful people of our times in the City. A ward councillor for Castle Baynard and former Chair of the Policy & Resource Committee for the City of London (the de facto political leader), she lead the City through the aftermath of Brexit, through COVID, and the start of the Ukraine war.

She steered the City and its response in all three chapters with a quiet, but purposeful and steady hand at the tiller.”

Martha Grekos: Partner, DAC Beachcroft

“I have been impressed by Martha’s commitment to our area and her passion for the City of London. As a planning lawyer, she has a professional interest in the development of our capital, but her personal investment in understanding the needs of the local area and amplifying all that the Fleet Street Quarter has to offer is inspiring.”

“Martha is courageous and works tenaciously in support of the area with a bright future. We are fortunate to have her active involvement in the Fleet Street area and I am proud to nominate her as Wonder Woman of the Fleet Street Quarter.”

Chony Rubiera: Owner, Dilieto

“I nominate Chony Rubiera of Dilieto on Fleet Street, for the amazing community-based sandwich shop she runs! A wide range, good atmosphere and excellent customer service are the hallmarks of Dilieto. The long queues at lunchtimes speak for themselves! She’s a bubbly character that feeds the workers of the Fleet Street Quarter!”

Caroline Masundire: Co-owner and Director, Rocket Science

“Caroline is co-owner and director of Rocket Science a female-led research-consultancy company. Having forged a career initially in training and recruitment, Caroline joined Rocket Science in 2007. Alongside raising a family as a single parent and juggling other caring responsibilities, she has driven the growth of the business, becoming co-owner and London director in 2022.

She brings to her leadership of the company a passion for empowering young people whilst tackling many different aspects of social disadvantage, including a strong focus on gender and racial discrimination.”

Henrika Priest: Common Councillor for Castle Baynard

“I would like to nominate Henrika Priest for all the hard work she’s put in over the years for residents and small businesses in the ward, including her commitment to homelessness and mental health issues which has been inspiring. She is heavily involved in local and community matters and quick to respond to any issues that arise whatever they may be. In each instance, Henrika is engaging and effective – a true inspiration for others in public service.”


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