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Image copyright: Mrs. Blues

Students from the MA Public Art & Performance at London Metropolitan University have created a series of sound experiences that draw on the localities and on the London Festival of Architecture 2024 theme Reimagine. They have been created in response to the competition winning installations from Urban Radicals for LFA2024, 'Street Assemblies for the Square Mile', comissioned by four of the City of London BIDs – Fleet Street Quarter, Algate Connect, Culture Mile BID, and EC BID – which includes 'Assembly' our amphitheatre at the Maughan Library courtyard.

The recordings invite the visitor to accompany their experience of the physical installations through specially conceived soundtracks: from music to spoken word, each soundtrack can be accessed directly from your device, providing an additional layer of experience to your visit.

Below you can listen to each of the pieces.


From Deptford to Marcory

From Deptford to Marcory is a composition which combines acapella voices on guitar chords merged with background noises and dialogues from recordings of markets in London and Abidjan. Mrs.Blues reimagines the musicality of these archive seeds through a raw, nostalgic, harmonious and interrupted melody in response to performative public spaces.

Born as Maurane Gadeau (Côte d’Ivoire), Mrs.Blues is a multidisciplinary artist who develops a jazzistic practice aiming towards emotional freedom.

Listen to the ‘From Deptford to Marcory’ by Mrs.Blues here.

Urban Jungle: Seek Shelter

‘Urban Jungle: Seek Jungle’ is a soundscape built from urban field recordings and percussion to create an audio simulation of a thunderstorm in the rainforest canopy. Illustrating that our worlds may share more on a sensory level than we first believe, we are reminded that humans are just as fragile as the wild creatures imitated. We should hold space for nature in urban environments and be mindful of our vulnerability to environmental crises. We are closer than we think.

Special thanks to young percussionist Nathan Richards for performing thunder.

Listen to ‘Urban Jungle: Seek Shelter’ by Natalie Matcham here.

Down to Aldgate

‘The Silver Shoes took but three steps, and then she stopped so suddenly that she rolled over upon the grass several times before she knew where she was.’ Taken from The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz a novel by L. Frank Baum. This novel is the context of the soundscape for the London Festival of Architecture with their theme Re-Imagine. I’m looking at how we can re-imagine footsteps in our day to day life as the soundscapes captures various footsteps. While thinking of the theme we are always told to follow footsteps but within a public space that is the last thing you hear are the footsteps. 

I am a contemporary performer who loves postmodern ways of expressing artwork through engaging visuals with themes of connectivity. I have also taken part in audio plays with Kitchen Sink Productions as an actor and writer and through my undergraduate created audio pieces. 

Listen to ‘Down to Aldgate’ by Tiegen Renwick here.


Reimagine: A Somatic Journey

‘Reimagine: A Somatic Journey at LFA’ is an innovative project designed to transform the way visitors experience. This immersive somatic dance experience invites participants to engage with the space through sensory exploration, mindful movement, and personal reflection. The aim is to foster a deeper connection between the participants, the environment, and their own narratives, aligning with the festival’s theme of “Reimagine.”

The project is inspired by the principles of somatic learning, which emphasize the importance of embodied experiences and bodily sensations in acquiring knowledge and understanding. By integrating somatic dance into the outdoor setting, create a uniqueopportunity for participants to connect with the rhythms of nature and the architectural beauty of the space.

Sithumini Amarasingha is a Sri Lankan contemporary dancer deeply rooted in traditional dance while exploring the vast possibilities of cross-cultural engagement. Her artistic journey has been shaped by, rich cultural heritage and academic pursuit of somatic dance during her university studies. This blend of traditional and contemporary practices, coupled with her dedication to somatic principles, has led to the creation of this piece.

Listen to ‘Reimagine: A Somatic Journey’ by Sithumini Amarasingha here.


This project is in collaboration with MA Public Art & Performative Practices, London Metropolitan University.

Project facilitated by: Jen Ng, Head of Projects, AAD Projects

Course Leader: Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso


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